Our new location is:  207-A Milford St., Salisbury, MD  21804

Directly across the street from University Park Apartments


Let’s count the reasons to rent a house instead of an apartment or dorm:

Much cheaper, even counting utilities

Parking at your door. No parking lot issues

Walk or bike to class… houses close to SU

Your own back yard for recreation: games or cookouts with your friends

Larger bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen space

More private, easier to study without interruptions

Do you know…

You could SAVE $1000 PER MONTH by renting a house rather than an apartment at UP, UV, or UO?

You would pay more for an apartment for 9 months than you would a house for 12 months?

What’s the cost per swim in that poor you’re not using between October and May?

Do you really want to walk up three flights of stairs to an apartment where you can’t even see your car from your window?


Come visit us to view the many different student rentals we have available for the 2017-2018 school year!