How can I arrange to see a property?

Call us at 410-742-8121 or come to our office at 528 Riverside Drive, Salisbury. You can also email us at info@insleyrentals.com to schedule an appointment. Please do not attempt to enter the property without an appointment.

Where is your office located?

Our office is located at 207-A Milford St., Salisbury, MD 21804. Directly across the street from Univeristy Park Apartments. Click here for a map

What is the procedure to secure the house?

Inspect the property and decide if you want to lease it. If so, pay your security deposit at our office and complete your application and return it to our office. We will prepare your lease in duplicate for you to get signed by all lessees. Return signed copies to our office ASAP. We will sign two copies and return one to you. Call us a week or two before your lease begins to ascertain when you can pick up your keys.

How much is the security deposit?

It is equal to TWO months rent. It is held in an escrow (trust) account and is refunded in full within 45 days after the completion of the lease with interest in accordance with State law if the property is returned in good and clean condition, there are no damages and the rent is paid in full.

Are my parents expected to sign the lease?

Yes. Your parents are expected to sign the lease.

Will you take phone calls from parents to answer questions relating to the rental?

Absolutely. We are always glad to talk with parents as well as students. Experience has taught us things work best when there is good communication between all parties and everyone understands who is responsible for what. Renting and managing a house is a very valuable learning experience and students acquire many life skills in the process. We try to help with this experience by being available to answer your questions.

How can I get repairs made to the house if needed?

Call or come to our office to report the needed repairs. We will assign the work order to the appropriate service man to complete the work. All needed repairs should be reported as soon as possible. It is much easier and less expensive to fix problems while they are small rather than ignore them until they become major problems.

Suppose I have an emergency at night or on a weekend?

You can call Mr. Insley Jr at 410-749-1841 (Home)

Do you permit pets?

Dogs and cats are not permitted.

Who pays for utilities?

Heat, electric, phone, CATV and internet are the tenant’s expense. Unless specified otherwise, water, sewer, and trash collection are furnished by the city, and the bill is sent quarterly to the tenant. Trash is picked up once per week by the city.

How soon do we need to act to lease the house of our choice?

Early birds get the best properties in the best locations. The sooner you act the better choices you will have. Normally we begin receiving security deposits in October/November for June, July and August occupancies.

Do you offer individual leases for each tenant?

No. Zoning laws for single family residential neighborhoods do not permit this. It is legal in rooming and boarding houses but not in neighborhoods zoned for single family use. Single family residential zoning requires the occupants be a family or unrelated persons living as a single housekeeping unit. Tenants violating these ordinances would likely receive a “Vacate Order” from the City.