About Us

Insley Rentals, LLC.

Five Generations of the Insley family have been in business in Wicomico and Worcester County for over 150 years as merchants, canners & packers, and in insurance and real estate business. The Insley’s have been in the real estate rental business since the early 1900s in both Worcester and Wicomico counties. Today our properties are primarily in the Salisbury and Fruitland areas and include both residential and commercial property. Currently, Richard C. Insley, Jr (father) & Richard C. (Rick) Insley, III (son) are partners in the family business.

Richard (father) has 50 years of experience in Property/Casualty Insurance, Building, Developing, Remodeling, and Real Estate Management.

Rick (son) has over 20 years’ experience in Building, Developing, Remodeling, and Real Estate Sales and Management, Commercial and Residential.

Our relatively small business allows us to focus on each property we own, and personally help our customers. Many of our tenants have been with us for many years, and we value our loyal customers.

Many of our homes are located near Salisbury University, and are ideal student residences at a much lower cost than most on campus and near campus dorm and apartment residences. Our homes offer more privacy, and other advantages not available in on or near campus dorm and apartment residences. Our properties are maintained in excellent condition and many homes have “personality and character” not found in most housing available to students.